About the Company Strategy


MGRA employs a straightforward investment strategy that takes advantage of value in great locations at discounts to replacement cost. These properties stretch across several different classes and are adjusted to meet investor needs. Once an asset is purchased, MGRA then contracts to renovate the property. The goal, in this stage, is to increase the asset value as much as possible. The capital structure throughout our investments is set to use these improvements and better the return to investors. This stage can take up to two years to complete. Once the property is ready for tenants, we bring in our management team to fill and manage the units. All assets purchased through MGRA are closely held and managed by MGRA's own management team. This mitigates management costs and keeps the investor closer to their capital. The goal, in this stage, is to then create cashflow through the property income and operations. Cashflow is imperative in real estate investing and is one of the reasons investors seek holdings in this class. Cashflow is extended as long as there are tenants in your property. Getting tenants into longterm leases will create a cashflow system that will increase in value as the asset matures. After the asset has cash flowed and appreciated for several years, management then seeks to identify an exit strategy for investors. Once the exit point is determined, the asset is then brought to market and sold at a premium to longterm investors. This strategy has brought about incredible returns and brings investors the results they want. 


Acquire high quality income producing assets at a discount

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Address structural and operating issues through aggressive renovation

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Establish longterm leases that produce cashflow to investors

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Liquidate the asset 


and return invested capital 




Our Investment Team

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Robert Preston

Sponsor and CEO

Robert Preston graduated from Clemson University in 2005 with a BS in Economics.  After graduation, he was accepted in the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and went on to earn his designation as a MV-22 Osprey Pilot in 2008.  Since then, Robert has served his country in Afghanistan and around the world.  He is currently a flight school instructor.  He has been actively investing in real estate since 2013.

Robert specializes in residential commercial real estate. Specifically, he searches for and acquires value-add acquisitions that produce a yield through the life of the investment in the B and C Classes.  He has a proven track record of using private money to fund real estate investments.  His previous single-family home rehabilitation experience gives him the needed expertise to manage contractors, sub-contractors, and materials for multi-unit rehabilitations.  Robert’s three years of experience as a rehabber and landlord, combined with his ten years of experience as a Marine Corps Officer, provides him with the leadership and discernment necessary to be a highly effective asset manager.

 As an active member of his local church, Robert teaches apologetics on a weekly basis.  He is the proud father of two beautiful children, a three year old daughter and a one year old boy and happily married to his high school sweetheart, Misty.  Awarded “Investor of the Year” for 2014 by the Professional Investors Guild of Pensacola,  Robert has had formal education in Commercial Real Estate and Mobile Home & RV Parks. 

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Kevin Belon

Vice President of Management and Acquisitions

Kevin is the main property manager for all MGRA acquisitions. He has managed hundreds of units across Florida and Alabama and currently has his own portfolio of renters. As the main acquisitions medium for MGRA, Kevin sees any property we take on and assists with local managers in the area.



Justin Kingsbury


Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Justin is a student at Pensacola Christian College and is currently a double major in Business Management and Marketing. Justin has managed property across Illinois, Florida and Alabama. He currently trains under Robert overseeing management, marketing and wholesaling throughout the company. Justin also manages investment funds for another firm in Florida. He is actively involved in mentorship programs from entrepreneurs across the country.