Why you should invest in real estate



The value of a real estate asset is determined by its cashflow. Real estate offers a level of cashflow unparalleled to any other asset class. The consistency of the cashflow is one of the factors that makes real estate advantageous to investors.



Growth in real estate generates some of the highest returns possible to investors. While investors see dividends from the income of an investment almost immediately, the real payoff is in the long-term appreciation of the asset value and income. 



Real estate is unique in its ability to protect investor capital. Inherent value and utility will always be in a property. The volatility that can be found in some investment classes does not affect real estate. This is paramount in protecting your capital during the life of your investment. 



At MGRA, our goal is to follow a low risk strategy that generates high returns exceeding investor expectations. We do this through identifying opportunistic properties that we can purchase, recondition, cashflow and later sell at a premium to other investors in the community. This protracted process has accomplished our investor goals and has brought about strong real estate alternatives throughout communities. 



Over 10 million in assets under current management

Over 20 million in real estate transactions

Currently operating over 200 units

high returns to investors

able to navigate different economic conditions and environments 

investing in properties all over the southeast united states